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Google and France’s Engie Team Up to Accelerate Wind Power

The utility is the first customer for Google’s cloud service that helps predict wind patterns.

Suitors Chase EDP-Energias de Portugal SA's $8.5 Billion Renewables Unit
Photographer: Daniel Rodrigues/Bloomberg

French utility Engie SA will begin using an experimental technology from Google that aims to boost efficiency and power from wind farms, the companies announced on Wednesday.

Google is selling the service through its cloud division, which is trying to lure clients with tools for managing energy usage and reducing emissions. In 2019, Google said it worked with DeepMind, a sister company of parent Alphabet Inc., to make artificial intelligence software that could predict wind power output thirty-six hours in advance. That would let energy providers schedule inputs into energy grids ahead of time with more accuracy, countering some of the unpredictability of wind generation. Early tests on Google’s data centers improved the value of wind energy by 20 percent, according to Google.