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China Mocks Biden’s Economic Pact for Failing to Lower Tariffs

  • China’s foreign minister hits out at US pact in Indo-Pacific
  • US is ‘putting shackles on the free market’: Wang Yi
Wang Yi in Fiji on May 30. 
Wang Yi in Fiji on May 30. Photographer: Leon Lord/AFP/Getty Images

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi mocked President Joe Biden’s wide-ranging economic framework for failing to lower tariffs, in some of the strongest criticism yet of the US plan to counter Beijing’s influence in Asia. 

“The so-called Indo-Pacific Economic Framework recently rolled out by the US claims to build a free, open, and inclusive new order, but how can any economic frame call itself free if it doesn’t lower tariffs?” Wang said Monday during a visit to Fiji, according to a statement posted on the Foreign Ministry’s website. “How can it be called inclusive if it purposefully excludes China, the largest market in the region and in the world?”