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Key Texas GOP Senator John Cornyn Joins Gun-Safety Talks, Cites School Shooting

  • ‘Red-flag’ laws, background checks part of negotiations
  • Cornyn, Murphy searching for response to Texas school massacre
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Democratic and Republican senators grasping for some common ground on gun laws and school safety after the massacre of 19 students and two teachers in Texas are working under a short timetable, but there are prospects for a limited deal around so-called “red flag” laws and increasing school defenses. 

Texas GOP Senator John Cornyn said the mass killing in his state on Tuesday could provide “some impetus” to action, but warned against taking away gun rights from “law-abiding citizens.” Providing incentives to states to adopt “red-flag” laws that offer a way to get a court to take weapons out of the hands of dangerous people, is an option but isn’t “a panacea,” Cornyn said.