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Former Australian PM Expects China Reset Under Albanese

  • Relations with Beijing began to sour under Turnbull in 2017
  • China has reached out to congratulate Australia’s new PM
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WATCH: Former Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull discusses the prospects for a geopolitical reset following the election of Anthony Albanese.Source: Bloomberg.

Australia’s former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said he expected there would be “a reset” in relations between Canberra and Beijing under new leader Anthony Albanese, calling his own party’s former rhetoric on the Chinese government “frenzied” and “unhelpful.”

Relations between Australia and China have been in a diplomatic deep freeze for years under the former Liberal National Coalition government led by Turnbull and his successor Scott Morrison. After Albanese’s election win on May 21, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang reached out to congratulate Australia’s new prime minister, saying close relations between the two countries were “conducive to peace, stability, development and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region.”