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How to Make a City Safer for E-Bikes? Think Infrastructure

E-bikes are a powerful tool for lowering carbon emissions — boosting adoption is mostly dependent on offering riders protected bike lanes to enhance safety.

How to Boost E-bike Adoption in Cities
Photo illustration: Stephanie Davidson; Photos: Getty (3)

The invasion of Ukraine has put the US and Europe on a wartime mission to abandon Russian fossil fuels. This series looks at speeding up zero-carbon alternatives by lowering political and financial barriers. Sign up here to get the next story sent to your inbox.

Electric bicycle use has been booming in the US over the last two years. Demand surged during the early days of the pandemic as people looked for new ways to travel safely and again this spring as rising fuel prices sent commuters looking for cheaper alternatives. Policymakers searching for ways to reduce demand for fossil fuels in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine might also find e-bikes handy.