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A Texas Tale of Tinder, Millions in Stolen Crypto and Murder

A 25-year-old Texas woman says a man she met online scammed $8 million left by her murdered father. She’s now suing crypto exchanges.


It's a tale as old as Tinder: Girl meets Boy. Boy convinces Girl to hand over a large chunk of cash. Boy ghosts Girl.

Twenty-five-year-old Divya Gadasalli says she never actually met the boy in question, at least not in person. But, in a matter of months, a man she knew online as "Jerry Bulasa” fleeced her of  a whopping $8 million left by her father, who was murdered in 2015. That makes “Tinder Swindler” Shimon Hayut, the con man from the Netflix documentary who scammed an estimated $10 million from several women over a number of years, look like an amateur by comparison.