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New Clean Energy Marketplace Joins Silicon Valley Rush to Green Buildings

A new online tool aims to connect commercial properties with solar, battery and EV charging services and take a cut of the deal.

Solar panels on a building in Denver.

Solar panels on a building in Denver.

Photographer: Hyoung Chang/The Denver Post/Getty Images

A San Francisco startup is looking to capitalize on the efforts by colleges, offices, and corporate campuses to reduce their carbon footprints. Station A is an online marketplace that connects building operators with businesses offering solar paneling, battery storage and electric vehicle charging. 

Part of a wave of technology companies offering services to ease the transition to net zero, the venture has given an “energy grade” to more than 765,000 buildings in the U.S., representing over ten thousand square feet. The grade is based on a building’s estimated long-term savings from efficiency upgrades. To make its calculations, Station A combines financial, satellite, utility and proprietary data. The startup plans to take a commission from deals cut on its marketplace, although it declined to share the terms..