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Lunch Break

The Secret to Superb Wings Is a Peanut-Butter-and-Jelly Sauce

Barbecue expert Erin Smith is serving them for March Madness, but they can also star at Oscar parties.

PB&J wings are real, and they’re incredible.

PB&J wings are real, and they’re incredible.

Photographer: Taylor Hall

Editor’s note: As we leave our home kitchens to dine out more, the weekly Lunch Break column has evolved to highlight dishes from a variety of sources: a new or reopened restaurant; a newsmaking person, place, or recipe; or, of course, a great cookbook.

Chicken wings have an indelible association with the Super Bowl. This year, Americans consumed a reported 1.42 billion wings for the big game, even as prices rose. (The wholesale price was $2.61 per pound ahead of the big game, compared to an average five-year pre-pandemic price of $1.76.)