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Colombia Poll Shows Election Turning Into Two-Horse Race: Semana

  • Gutierrez support jumps to 23% in March from 4% in February
  • Frontrunner Petro remains in lead with 32% of voter intentions
Gustavo Petro and Federico Gutierrez
Gustavo Petro and Federico GutierrezPhotographer: Daniel Munoz/AFP/Getty Images

The first poll since Colombia’s congressional elections and primaries shows a surge in support for Federico Gutierrez, turning May’s vote for the presidency into a two-horse race, Semana magazine reported.

Guttierez, a former mayor of Medellin, obtained 23% of voter intentions in the poll by Centro Nacional de Consultoria, up from 4% in February. Frontrunner Gustavo Petro saw his support rise to 32% from 27%. Sergio Fajardo, the winner of the center-left coalition primary, got 10%. No one else registered more than that.