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Russia's War Might Mean More Drilling — Frustrating Some Climate Hawks

  • Progressives demand climate ‘moonshot’ amid global gas rethink
  • But some acknowledge the U.S. needs to increase production
Pumpjacks extract oil near Monahans, Texas.

Pumpjacks extract oil near Monahans, Texas.

Photographer: Matthew Busch/Bloomberg

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the resulting oil market tumult are prompting a global rethink of fossil fuel reliance that progressive Democrats want to seize for a renewable energy “moonshot.” But some of the party’s climate hawks also recognize that the U.S. may have to do something they find abhorrent: increase drilling.

There is no immediate solution for stabilizing prices and weaning European countries off Russian oil and gas. Bolstering U.S. production by enough to affect global supplies would take at least six months, while widespread availability of alternative fuels is still years away, even with hefty government investment.