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The V-6 Engine Roars Again at Ferrari With Its 296 GTB Supercar

Just don’t call it a Dino.

The Ferrari 296 GTB.

The Ferrari 296 GTB.

Photographer: Raul Pilato for Bloomberg Businesssweek.


Ferrari’s 296 GTB is not, as some have suggested, the new Dino. But you could be forgiven for thinking this curvaceous coupe is a modern-day incarnation. The 296 GTB is powered by a V-6, just like the stylish mid-engine icons that Enzo Ferrari produced from 1957 to 1976 and named after his son. The 75-year-old brand hasn’t made a V-6 engine since—until now, with the 296 GTB.

The Dino, though, never sported the official “Ferrari” badge. Because it lacked the power and craftsmanship of the V-12 cars Ferrari was making then, it was positioned instead as the gateway car into the world of “real” Ferraris.