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The 10 Most-Compelling Books to Put on Your Reading List This Spring

The season’s best new fiction and nonfiction uncover tough truths about our society’s flawed systems.

The Last Days of Roger Federer, by Geoff Dyer (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)

Reams of writing already exist on the Western world’s aging population, but most of it tends to focus on the economic impact of a society filled with old people (outlook: bad). Less attention is paid to its cultural implications, but here, Dyer—himself cresting middle age—finds reasons for optimism. In this meditation on growing old, the author lives up to his reputation as one of the best stylists around, looking at the final output of sports stars, painters, and composers in an effort to find meaning and, yes, cause for hope that more good (if not the best) is yet to come. May 3