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The Fog of Cyberwar Descends on Ukraine and Russia

Hackers are attacking both countries, but their allegiances and motives can be murky.
Illustration: Daphne Geisler for Bloomberg Businessweek

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been accompanied by a rash of cyberattacks from all sides, as hackers with a wide range of allegiances take up digital arms.

Hours before the invasion began, there was a “new round of offensive and destructive cyberattacks directed against Ukraine’s digital infrastructure,” Microsoft Corp. said in a Feb. 28 blog post. Earlier in the month, Ukrainian banks and defense websites had been taken offline in attacks the U.S. government has attributed to the Russian state. Hackers linked to Belarus, a Russian ally, have also carried out cyberattacks on the Ukrainian military, according to the cybersecurity firm Mandiant Inc.