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Russia-Themed Misinformation Spreads via Facebook, Telegram

  • Facebook users posted video-game footage, saying it’s Ukraine
  • Dozens of Telegram channels include pro-Kremlin messaging
Arma 3 website

Arma 3 website

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Misinformation focused on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine flooded social media conversations Thursday, from pro-Kremlin conspiracies spreading across Telegram to videos described as live attacks proliferating on Facebook’s gaming platform.

The top videos on Facebook Gaming were described as footage of live attacks on Ukraine by Russia, some complete with red “breaking news” banners. But the clips were actually gameplay from the military-themed video game Arma 3. Meanwhile, more than 100 channels on the messaging app Telegram -- totalling hundreds of thousands of followers -- were filled with posts promoting talking points from Russian President Vladimir Putin as his forces invaded Ukraine.