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Climate changed

New England Power Plants Burn Most Oil Since 2011 as Gas Soars

  • Oil-generated power was 1.03 million megawatt-hours in January
  • Gas-pipeline shortage means region burns more oil for energy

New England has burned the most oil to generate electricity in over a decade this winter, despite being only a couple hundred of miles away from one of the world’s largest fields of natural gas. That’s driving up emissions and putting politicians and industry leaders at odds.

Oil generators produced 1.03 million megawatt-hours of power in January, the most since 2011, according to data from ISO New England Inc., which manages the six-state grid. That came while crude was flirting with the highest prices since 2014. Even so, prices for natural gas in the region surged to almost five times the level seen in other U.S. states as frigid weather boosted demand for heating.