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Covid’s Great Uncoupling: Gap Widens Between Cases and Deaths

Effective vaccines and milder variants are improving survival rates dramatically in 2022

Vaccinations before Valentine’s Day in Massachusetts

Vaccinations before Valentine’s Day in Massachusetts

Photographer: Vanessa Leroy/Bloomberg

The pandemic looks a whole lot different in 2022. Vaccines are working, treatments are advancing and—at least for now—the virus itself seems less intent on killing. The likelihood of surviving Covid-19 is improving around the world. 

In the U.S., there were nearly four times as many positive cases for each death this year when compared to last winter's peak, according to a new analysis from Bloomberg’s Vaccine Tracker. In the European Union, where more people have been vaccinated, this survival ratio was 11 times higher than last winter. Even in countries with lower vaccination rates, Covid patients were increasingly likely to recover.