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World's Most Influential Money Manager Enters the TikTok Sphere

BlackRock is the latest financial giant to make an appeal to younger investors on the viral video platform. 

BlackRock headquarters in New York.

BlackRock headquarters in New York.

Photographer: Jeenah Moon/Bloomberg

BlackRock Inc.’s status as the world’s biggest money manager with $10 trillion in assets powers it with influence across the economic, financial and political spheres. It’s now taken a baby step into a new arena: TikTok.

The financial industry giant started an account on Thursday, posting a 10-second clip featuring a group of young professionals in what appears to be the firm’s offices. The video begins with the beat of a playful, sanguine bop, when Kingsley Udoyi, a BlackRock employee, slowly creeps up behind a desk screen, itching to share some news. “Guess what?” Udoyi says.