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Jeremy Grantham Has an Even Scarier Prediction Than His Crash Call

  • Value manager says ‘Goldilocks’ era of past 25 years is ending
  • Labor shortages, inflation are among persistent ills he sees
Bloomberg business news
WATCH: For almost a half-century, value-investing icon Jeremy Grantham has been calling market bubbles. Now, he says U.S. stocks are in a “super bubble,” and poised to collapse.Source: Bloomberg

Jeremy Grantham got the market’s attention with his “super bubble” call on U.S. stocks. Now he wants to get an even more alarming and urgent message out, one his critics may find harder to accept. 

The “Goldilocks” period of the past 25 years is ending, and the world needs to prepare for a future of inflation, slower growth and labor shortages, the renowned value investor said in a Bloomberg “Front Row” interview.