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Shakeup at Showa Denko Bets on Chipmakers’ Next Design Challenge

  • Company provides wafer polishing and chip packaging materials
  • New CFO and CSO to modernize supplier’s culture and strategy
Tomomitsu Maoka
Tomomitsu MaokaSource: Showa Denko K.K.

Showa Denko K.K., a key chemicals supplier to global chipmakers like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., is overhauling its executive team and company culture in anticipation of an industry shift it expects will boost its business over the next decade.

New hires Hideki Somemiya and Tomomitsu Maoka joined in October and have already taken steps to shake up the century-old company. 53-year-old Somemiya, the new chief financial officer, began offloading shares in partner companies that were held merely to maintain good relations, while 47-year-old Maoka, appointed chief strategy officer this month, is revamping how the company communicates with and retains employees.