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‘The One’ Megamansion's Bankruptcy Auction Pushed Back to Woo Potential Buyers

  • Property is being marketed worldwide for $295 million
  • Dates changed to allow more visits from would-be purchasers
“The One”
“The One”Photographer: Allen J. Schaben/The Los Angeles Times/Getty Images

The bankruptcy auction for one of the largest mansions in the United States was pushed back three weeks to allow more time to attract potential purchasers of the home, which has a $295 million asking price. 

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Deborah J. Saltzman granted an extension of the auction for the Los Angeles home known as “The One” last week after a number of would-be buyers needed more time to visit the property, according to court papers filed Friday and attorney David Golubchik of Neale, Bender, Yoo & Golubchik, who is representing the property’s developer.