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Macron Doubles Down on Plan to ‘Piss Off’ the Unvaccinated

  • President doubles down on his message to France’s unvaccinated
  • Record surge comes three months before presidential elections
Emmanuel Macron on Jan. 7.

Emmanuel Macron on Jan. 7.

Photographer: Michel Euler/AFP/Getty Images

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President Emmanuel Macron on Friday stood by the uncompromising stance and combative language he directed earlier this week at France’s unvaccinated citizens amid record numbers of new Covid-19 cases. 

Macron in a Tuesday interview with Le Parisien used salty language -- saying he wants to “p--- off” people refusing inoculation -- to express zero-tolerance for failing to get fully vaccinated. The government, he said, will keep up the pressure on the holdouts as a way to contain skyrocketing case counts.