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Lunch Break

This Beloved Hawaiian Sandwich Is the Ultimate Comfort Food

Top Maui chef Sheldon Simeon has a simple recipe for the grilled cheese-meets-sloppy Joe island speciality known as a flying saucer.

True Maui flying saucers are made in a pie iron.

True Maui flying saucers are made in a pie iron.

Photographer: Kevin J. Miyazaki

Editor’s note: As we leave our home kitchens to dine out more, the weekly Lunch Break column has evolved to highlight dishes from a variety of sources: a new or reopened restaurant; a newsmaking person, place, or recipe; or, of course, a great cookbook.

Close your eyes and imagine you’re on Maui, Hawaii’s second-biggest island. Maybe you conjure up a beach with turquoise waters and a surfboard, or some badly behaved people from this year’s hit HBO series White Lotus. If you’re thinking food, you might cast your mind to fresh poke or a plate lunch.