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Reinventing Internal Job Boards to Fight the Great Resignation

Big employers such as Unilever and Seagate are hiring talent-management startups to help employees find opportunities inside the company.

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Illustration: Emma Erickson for Bloomberg Businessweek

After five years as an engineer at IBM, Ben Reuveni started getting courted by recruiters—spurring him to seek a new challenge. He wasn’t desperate to leave, but internally there was “silence,” he recalls. “Exploring outside the company was much easier.”

Reuveni eventually found a new gig inside Big Blue, but only because he knew the right people—which sparked an idea: Reinvent the corporate job board using an algorithm that matches workers to jobs. The idea was to help all employees—not only well-connected ones—discover career paths they’d never contemplated. And bosses could deploy the tool to quickly find people with the right skills for new assignments. In 2015, not long after getting his new job, Reuveni quit IBM and co-founded Gloat, one of a dozen or so talent-management startups seeking to make it easier for people to make a career move without joining what’s come to be known as the Great Resignation.