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How Feeding Fish a Long-Lost Fungus Helps Save the World's Trees

Fish is often considered one of the greenest meats to consume, but the soybeans used to raise them can lead to deforestation

A fish farm near British Columbia, Canada.

A fish farm near British Columbia, Canada.

Photographer: James MacDonald/Bloomberg

A Finnish company is trying to break the fish industry’s reliance on feed made from soybeans — and the deforestation that can come with it.

The average person eats almost twice as much seafood compared to half a century ago, and the fish on our plates is more likely to have come from a farm than anywhere else. While the fish industry has a smaller carbon footprint than most meats, it’s still dependent on soybeans to feed its stock. The crop is the second-biggest driver of tropical deforestation, including in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest.