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Satire Tells the Real Business of Solar

The Sunion is a publication brought by some solar industry veterans who want more people to understand their confusing, complicated, wonderful work

Sheep grazing mustard plants at solar farm, Geldermalsen, Gelderland, Netherlands

Source: Getty Images

Imagine you’re reading a Bloomberg News profile of a new solar power developer who is building projects representing thousands of megawatts across Texas. The company’s website sports pictures of its staff in hard hats doing site visits, of row after row of energy-optimizing robots, and its hands-on CEO pitching in to drive a forklift loaded with solar panels, while flashing the thumbs up: Everything is a go! Wait, not so fast. 

There are a few things still requiring attention. Half the staff doing that site walk are lawyers. The robots, they don’t really work. The CEO drove the forklift right through a major piece of power equipment, and now is trying to write off his error. The company might be on the brink of total disaster, or this all could be standard operating procedure in the industry? Each of these situations sounds real enough, but every link in this paragraph takes you to a satiric article from The Sunion, a side project of some solar industry folks who deploy humor to try and tolerate — and explain — their confusing, complicated, wonderful work.