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A Diaper Entrepreneur’s Take on When to Bring in Help

A shortage of disposables spurred demand for the cloth variety just as Esembly was getting going. The founders hired PR reps—fast.

An Esembly Try-it Kit.

An Esembly Try-it Kit.

Source: Esembly

It’s easy to outline the benefits of reusable diapers. What’s more difficult is reaching a wide audience of busy parents willing to choose cloth over convenience.

That’s been the experience of Esembly, a cloth diaper startup founded in 2019 by Liz Turrigiano, Marta Baumann, and Sarah Edwards. They’d operated Diaperkind, a delivery and laundering service in New York City, for a decade before creating their offshoot brand Esembly, which makes an organic-cotton range. After raising $1.2 million through family, friends, Diaperkind service families, angel investors, and Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, the women had to figure out how to stretch their funds to develop the system and get it in front of consumers.