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Lunch Break

Here’s Why the Superiority Burger Is a Not Impossible Vegan Meal

With world leaders gathering for COP26, now is the time to put something besides meat in your buns. 

A professionally made Superiority Burger.

A professionally made Superiority Burger.

Photographer: Yana Paskova/The Washington Post/Getty Images


Editor’s note: As we leave our home kitchens to dine out more, the weekly Lunch Break column has evolved to highlight dishes from a variety of sources: a new or reopened restaurant; a newsmaking person, place, or recipe; or, of course, a great cookbook.

By now, anyone looking for a meatless burger doesn’t have to look very far. There’s an Impossible Whopper in every Burger King, a Beyond Burger McPlant is available in some markets, and a long list of competitor beef-imitation products are vying for space in supermarkets. But not everyone wants their meatless burger to taste like the very thing they’re avoiding.