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Boris Johnson Warns ‘One Minute to Midnight’ as COP26 Kicks Off

  • U.K. premier urges world leaders to act on climate crisis
  • Britain pledges extra $1.4 billion to climate finance
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WATCH: Leaders of the Group of 20 countries agreed on a climate deal that fell well short of what some nations were hoping for. Bloombertg’s Annmarie Hordern reports.(Source: Bloomberg)

Boris Johnson said environment pledges by the Group of 20 countries are “drops in a rapidly warming ocean” and warned that COP26 climate talks risk failing if urgent action isn’t taken.

Issuing a rallying cry to world leaders as he prepares to host them in Glasgow, Scotland, he said the landmark Paris Agreement on climate risks unraveling if nations don’t step up. He called on leaders to improve on their promises after a fraught G-20 summit in Rome produced only a tepid accord.