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Hyperinflation or Just Higher Inflation? Here’s What It Means

  • Prices are increasing as demand for goods outweighs supply
  • Regular inflation is more of a concern for major economies
Food Markets In Caracas Empty Out As Inflation Hits Poorest
Photographer: Carlos Becerra/Bloomberg

The surge in costs for everything from fuel to computer chips, to houses and even spinach, has some people fretting over the specter of “hyperinflation” -- the phenomenon in which runaway prices destroy the value of a nation’s banknotes and coins. 

Google searches for the term have rocketed in recent days, after Twitter Inc. Chief Executive Jack Dorsey set the social-media platform alight with a comment that hyperinflation is “happening” -- spurring responses from the likes of Ark Investment Management’s Cathie Wood and Tesla Inc.’s Elon Musk.