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U.S. Energy Department's NREL Sees AMLO Bill Pushing up Emissions and Costs

  • Energy Department’s NREL sees CO2 emissions rising up to 65%
  • Country’s electricity generation costs could also jump
AMLO's Nationalist Bent Casts 200 Energy Projects Into Limbo
Photographer: Mauricio Palos/Bloomberg
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Mexico’s carbon emissions risk soaring by as much as 65% and electricity costs could also jump if the country passes reforms giving the state greater control over the power market, a U.S. agency said. 

The government’s proposed change in the constitution to give state utility Comision Federal de Electricidad a bigger share of the power market would result in using less of Mexico’s booming solar and wind farms, according to a report by the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory. That would increase carbon emissions between 26% and 65%, while raising electricity generation costs between 32% to 54%, the NREL said.