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What’s at Stake in Argentina’s Midterm Primary Sunday

President Alberto Fernandez

President Alberto Fernandez

Photographer: Marcos Brindicci/Getty Images

Argentines take to the polls Sept. 12 in a primary vote that will measure the political strength of the federal Peronist government and the opposition ahead of midterm elections on Nov. 14. This guide will help you navigate what to watch closely on Sunday: 

On the November ballot, half of Argentina’s lower house seats in congress and a third of the senate are up for grabs. In a broader sense, Sunday’s primary vote serves as an informal referendum for President Alberto Fernandez and his left-wing coalition’s first two years in office. It could also provide some early signals into the 2023 presidential race. City of Buenos Aires Mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, a key figure in the opposition, is seen as a likely presidential candidate in two years, and his top deputy, Diego Santilli, is on the ballot in the province of Buenos Aires. Since voting in the primary is mandatory, it acts as a big opinion poll ahead of the final midterm vote.