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Climate Adaptation

Summer Is Already Off to a Wild Start

Extreme weather events are popping up all over the world—from heat waves to tropical storms, droughts, and tornadoes—and climate change is a unifying factor.

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Heat Wave More Severe Due to Climate Change, Science Shows
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Extreme temperatures in China coupled with a lack of hydro-power forced blackouts in some of its largest industrial cities last month. A rare and short-lived subtropical storm popped up in the South Atlantic off Argentina and Uruguay. And record heat continues to sear Canada and the Pacific Northwest, while drought crackled the entire western U.S., leaving it primed to burn. 

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is just days old, but the extremes keep piling up. The conditions driving these events—heat, ocean warming, changes in longstanding weather patterns—aren’t going away anytime soon, meaning the worst may be yet to come.