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What Pandemic Puppies Can Tell Us About Supply Shortages

The market for furry friends has been hounded by a supply-demand shock that’s now resulting in a kind of bull(dog)whip effect.

An Akita Inu puppy wearing medical mask isolated on grey background
Photographer: Viktoriia Hnatiuk/Getty Images

Lumber, air fare, used cars, furniture …. and puppies?

It’s no secret that the coronavirus crisis and associated lockdowns have sparked a number of shortages and bottlenecks that have helped to push the price of certain goods — and even pets — higher.

When it comes to puppies, the outbreak sparked a huge rush for loyal companions as millions found themselves at home and in need of cuddles -- be they of the Corgi, Collie or Cane Corso variety. Prices for pandemic pups have anecdotally surged, with even sell-side analysts following the cost of Cockapoos and other cross-breeds.