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Harley Unleashes the Silent E-Hogs

The company is all-in on electric motorcycles, though the financial gearing still isn’t great.

Harley-Davidson says its LiveWire is the leading electric motorcycle on the market, though it won’t say how many have sold.
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Picture an open-minded, climate-concerned Harley-Davidson fan. She can now travel about 100 miles on an almost-silent hog, the company’s new all-electric LiveWire motorcycle. 

The LiveWire, however, costs $29,799. Its gas-powered proxy, the Iron 883, can be had for about one-third the price and still gets more than 50 miles to a gallon. It would take our progressive road warrior some 360,000 miles of fuel to cover the spread in sticker price—and to many, she won’t sound nearly as cool while doing it.