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Climate Adaptation

Iceland Startup Wants to Turn Carbon Shipped From Europe to Rock

  • Startup builds terminal to receive, process carbon emissions
  • Facility to turn 3 million tons of CO₂ to rock a year by 2030
Rio Tinto aluminum smelter located in Straumsvik, Iceland.
Rio Tinto aluminum smelter located in Straumsvik, Iceland.Photographer: Ragnhildur Sigurdardottir/Bloomberg.

European polluters will soon be able to ship their carbon emissions to Iceland to be turned into stone in the volcanic island’s bedrock.

Icelandic startup Carbfix is building a hub, called the Coda Terminal, which will receive carbon dioxide transported to Iceland in specially designed ships. There it will be turned into underground rock using a technique that imitates and accelerates the natural process of mineralizing carbon, providing a permanent storage solution.