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‘Fear of Missing Out’ Will Drive Workers Back Into the Office

Working from home leaves them bereft of “useful updates, critical intel, and key connections,” writes Gensler co-CEO Andy Cohen.


Imagine the rest of your team has gone back into the office post-Covid-19 but you’re still at home, avoiding that long commute and enjoying the sweatpants life. Just one problem. When you Zoom in, you see your colleagues laughing at jokes you didn’t hear, remarking on gossip you missed, comparing notes on projects you weren’t aware of. 

You feel FOMO—fear of missing out. This is what will drive you to suit up and get back to your old desk, at least for a couple days a week, says Andy Cohen, co-chief executive officer of Gensler, the world’s largest architecture firm by revenue. “The person who’s home says, ‘They’re meeting after the meeting. I’ve got to be there,’” Cohen says in a joint interview April 12 (via Zoom) with his colleague, co-CEO Diane Hoskins.