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Billionaire’s Illness May Delay U.S. Tax-Fraud Case Against Him

  • Robert Brockman admitted to Houston neurosensory center
  • He was being tested after defense claim of mental incapacity
Robert Brockman
Robert BrockmanPhotographer: Dave Rossman/Houston Chronicle/AP Photo

The biggest ever U.S. tax-fraud case may face a setback after indicted billionaire Robert Brockman was admitted to a Houston hospital following an unspecified medical event.

Brockman, 79, was hospitalized for five days in mid-March, at a time when he was submitting to neurological tests by the government, according to a court filing Wednesday. A federal judge in Houston had ordered Brockman to undergo neurological and psychiatric tests after his defense lawyers argued he is mentally incapacitated and unable to aid in his defense. Prosecutors dispute the claim.

Brockman, the former chief executive of Reynolds & Reynolds, fell ill on March 14, two days after sitting for a positron emission tomography (PET) scan, the filing shows. He was taken to an emergency room and admitted to the neurosensory center.