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Putin to Biden After ‘Killer’ Insult: ‘It Takes One to Know One’

  • ‘I wish him good health’ Putin says of U.S. leader’s comment
  • Russia recalled U.S. envoy for consultations over comment
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WATCH: Biden agreed that Putin is a “killer” and said Russia would pay for alleged election meddling.Source: Bloomberg
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Russian President Vladimir Putin fired back at American counterpart Joe Biden’s accusation that he’s a killer, saying “it takes one to know one” as he insisted the U.S. will have to take Russia’s interests into account despite insults.

“I would say to him: I wish you good health,” Putin said Thursday, asked for his response to Biden, 78, during a televised videoconference celebrating the anniversary of Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea. He said Moscow would continue to work with Washington in areas of common interest, even as he claimed there were sharp, even biological, differences between Russians and Americans.