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The Six Traits of High-Performing Teams

Without one, the other five won’t really shine through, researchers say.

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Illustration by Yann Bastard

Researchers in Barcelona recently tracked 654 teams (3,190 workers) at 48 companies in Spain to ascertain what drives peak performance. Their investigation led them to six key factors that influence the success of teams. “They are interrelated,” says Mihaela Enache Zegheru, an author of the study and professor of economics and business at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. If you’re not accounting for one, she says, you probably won’t do well with the other five, which can lead to issues such as lowered productivity and poor problem solving. Here are some questions to keep in mind to get the most out of your employees:

Does the team have 20/20 “group vision”? That means “common objectives and a common vision on work processes,” says Enache Zegheru. Is everyone clear on workflow and what’s happening next? Does everyone understand the overall goals—and believe in them?