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Clubhouse Chats Are Breached, Raising Concerns Over Security

  • The app’s creators had been warned user data was vulnerable
  • An unidentified user streamed audio chats to their own website
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Clubhouse App Steps Up Security After Breach

A week after popular audio chatroom app Clubhouse said it was taking steps to ensure user data couldn’t be stolen by malicious hackers or spies, at least one attacker has proven the platform’s live audio can be siphoned.

An unidentified user was able to stream Clubhouse audio feeds this weekend from “multiple rooms” into their own third-party website, said Reema Bahnasy, a spokeswoman for Clubhouse. While the company says it’s “permanently banned” that particular user and installed new “safeguards” to prevent a repeat, researchers contend the platform may not be in a position to make such promises.