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Insider Trading Tipster Brothers Walk Away With Millions

  • The French siblings provided insider tips on deals to traders
  • One of the brothers pocketed $12 million for tips, filing says
Westminster Magistrates' Court

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As securities trader Joseph El Khouri waits to hear if he’ll be extradited to New York to face insider-dealing charges, the two French brothers who brought him hot tips get to go scot-free and keep the millions they made.

John and Kevin Dodelande, who funneled M&A secrets from London bankers to traders including El Khouri, entered a pact that allows them to avoid U.S. prosecution and keep millions of dollars in payments they got for their tips, according to a filing by El Khouri’s lawyers. The deal secured in exchange for cooperation is the latest strand in the painstaking pursuit by U.S. and European authorities of a sprawling international web of insider trading.