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Dunkin’ Introduces a Straw for People Too Lazy to Compost

The plant-based straw, manufactured by WinCup, will biodegrade anywhere, whether it's composted or not

The biodegradable phade straw.

The biodegradable phade straw.

Source: WinCup

A new biodegradable drinking straw, called a phade straw, is appearing in Dunkin’ stores in the U.S. Its manufacturer, WinCup says it’s meant to be composted at home or in an industrial facility. But it also knows you might not compost it at all—and that’s OK.

“No matter if it ends up in the ocean, on the beach, in your backyard, on the side of the road, and definitely in a landfill where there’s lots of bacteria living, phade will have a great end of life story,” said WinCup CEO Brad Laporte. “It turns back into organic matter.”