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Dark Web Has Become a Marketplace for ‘Vaccines’ and Other Pandemic Scams

An estimated $100 million worth of Covid-related goods and services offered for sale


Photographer: Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg

Following Donald Trump’s quick recovery from Covid-19 last month, advertisements appeared on the dark web — the seamy underbelly of the internet — selling what they claimed was Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.’s drug that the president touted as a ‘miracle’ cure – even though it hadn’t yet been approved for public sale.

In May, with coronavirus cases surging around the world and no end in sight, a supposed Spanish laboratory doctor promised Covid-19 infected blood and sputum. It wasn’t clear if it was offered because it might contain protective antibodies or as a way to infect an unwitting enemy. Either way the price for the treatment was $100 for two syringes.