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Defeat for Trump Would Mean Some Other World Leaders Also Lose Out

  • Trump friends fear return to more conventional foreign policy
  • Biden may also seek to repeat traditional U.S alliances
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Trump: I Think We'll Do Better Than We Did in 2016

If Donald Trump is forced from the White House in the November election, he won’t be the only loser.

Though many governments would likely celebrate the end of the most unconventional and at times chaotic U.S. presidency of modern times, others will have reason to miss it. For the leaders of Turkey, North Korea and Israel, the ledger has been almost entirely positive. Trump’s ejection would confront them with immediate challenges.

The scorecard for countries like China is more nuanced. Even so, what the mostly authoritarian winners from Trump’s four years in office have in common is a fear his departure would spell the return of a more conventional U.S. foreign policy.

That could see the U.S. mending alliances and promoting the universality of values such as democracy and human rights, or the fight against climate change. “This president embraces all the thugs in the world,” Trump’s opponent Joe Biden said at a recent town hall event, as he sought to highlight the political divide.