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The Caribbean Islands That You Can Travel to Now

Pummeled by Zika, hurricanes, and now Covid-19, the Caribbean is desperate to reenergize tourism. Here’s what that means for you.

Sunset over English Harbour, Antigua.

Sunset over English Harbour, Antigua.

Photographer: Roberto Moiola / Sysaworld/Moment RF

Allen Chastanet, St. Lucia’s prime minister, thought he was lucky—his island was deemed a “non-outbreak” zone when the Zika virus  swept through the Caribbean in 2016, and it was similarly spared from the hurricanes that pummeled its neighbors in 2017. But then came Covid-19.

“It’s had a devastating effect on our economy and the livelihood of our citizens,” Chastanet says. Indeed, 65% of the island’s gross domestic product is garnered through tourism, and the island saw a dramatic 89% drop in arrivals from March to July. That has reduced the government’s total revenue by almost 60% so far this year, and attempts to curb the island’s already high 25% unemployment rate have spiraled in the opposite direction.