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Anglo-Thai Chef’s Simple Recipe for Spicy Fried-Egg Salad at Home

John Chantarasak recalls hot home-cooked family meals in Bangkok.

John Chantarasak and his wife Desiree.

John Chantarasak and his wife Desiree.

Photographer: Ben Broomfield/AngloThai

Chef John Chantarasak grew up in the U.K. with his British mother and Thai father. He well remembers annual childhood visits to the family home in Bangkok, where he came to love spicy dishes cooked with the freshest of ingredients.

He later moved to Thailand and studied cooking at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School before working in restaurants, including the fine-dining Thai establishment Nahm under chef David Thompson. John was sous chef at Som Saa in London before creating AngloThai — a roving pop-up restaurant — with his wife Desiree. (He’s currently in residency at Newcomer Wines in Dalston.)