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A Music Festival Might Have the Solution to Safe, Live Performance

As dozens of events canceled or postponed summer plans due to Covid-19, Salzburg Festival, the 100 year-old Austrian institution, came up with an alternative.

The Salzburg Festival’s opening in 2019.

Photographer: Land Salzburg

When Covid-19 cases began to ramp up around the world in early March, cultural organizations began to cancel their summer plans.

But the organizers of the Salzburg Festival, one of the world’s most prestigious summer platforms for classical music, opera, and theater, bided their time. “We decided to wait, and developed a series of scenarios for how to [still] make it,” says Lukas Crepaz, the festival’s executive director. “We were thinking, maybe even a single event to celebrate our 100-year anniversary—we didn’t dare hope that we could present four weeks of programming.”