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Belt and Road Re-Emerges in Pakistan With Flurry of China Deals

  • Hydro projects in Kashmir, modern railways projects signed
  • Pakistan is BRI flagship with more than $70 billion projects
On Board the Green Line Express as China's Billions Are Set to Revive Pakistan's Dilapidated Railways
Photographer: Asim Hafeez/Bloomberg

China’s Belt and Road program has found new life in Pakistan with $11 billion worth of projects signed in the last month, driven by a former lieutenant general who has reinvigorated the infrastructure plan that’s been languishing since Prime Minister Imran Khan took office two years ago.

The nations signed deals on June 25 and July 6 for two hydro-power generation projects costing $3.9 billion in the disputed Kashmir region, and another to revamp the South Asian nation’s colonial-era railways for $7.2 billion -- the most expensive Chinese project yet in Pakistan.