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EBay’s Alleged Stalkers Exposed After Boston Couple’s Sleuthing

  • They spotted mysterious vehicles and gathered plate numbers
  • Police followed leads to link rented vehicles to EBay security
Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Last summer, a suburban Boston couple who publish an online newsletter about EBay Inc. began calling the Natick Police Department to report peculiar and menacing forms of harassment: graffiti on their fence; mysterious deliveries of a funeral wreath and a book on surviving a spouse’s death; phony online advertisements about parties and yard sales that summoned strangers to their home.

The culprits left few clues, and police initially dismissed the reports as pranks. So the frustrated couple took matters into their own hands and began collecting evidence. Their home security camera caught video of a Ford Explorer parked near their house. They gathered license plate numbers from a black Dodge Caravan and a silver GMC they suspected of tailing them.