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A CEO Starts in the Sheets: How to Make Your Bed and Win at Life

Want to crush it in the bedroom like you do at the office? Especially if your bedroom IS your office, at the moment? An interior designer shares the secrets of a bed that looks as good as it will make you feel.

A bedroom in Santa Monica designed by the author.

A bedroom in Santa Monica designed by the author.

Photographer: Nina Choi

Please don’t repeat this, but I am an interior designer, and I have not been making my bed during quarantine. I tidy my bed, meaning I pull up the top sheet and fold it back over the duvet. I smooth the pillows and put them nicely back side-by-side. But I don’t make my bed.

I don’t fold back the duvet in even thirds so it sits nicely near the foot. I don’t prop my pillows upright against the headboard and layer my linen shams in front of them. Along with my silk ikat decorative pillow, the shams have been quarantining in a pile next to my makeshift home office.